Saturday, August 8, 2009

4 August 2009, Tuesday

YAY! Finally, after talking about it for a year or so, we three art teachers took our trip to LA!

First stop as LACMA. AMAZING! I have been there before, but it's a bit hard to navigate around, so it was nice to have Angela (who used to work there) to tell us where to go. We saw all of these pieces that we talk about to the kids all the time - it was nice to see them in person. Art is SO different in person...images do them such disservice. There was this GREAT installation piece when walked up -a Korean artist strung together all of these crazy containers from the 99cent store...and it's a maze of these cool strings of color. We loved it!

Saw some Jeff Koons too - have never seen it in person and it was fun! Also, the Richard Serra pieces - GIANT steel structures you can walk thru - were amazing. Loved the interaction with the art. Also got the see them breaking down an exhibit and stuffing all of these priceless pieces into big wooded crates. Fun times.

We tried to go to some galleries, but they were mostly in between shows. No luck there. Went up to the Griffith Observatory and looked out over LA, saw the Hollywood sign...and a fire starting (yikes! Hope they got that put out!). Then had dinner and a VERY interesting night with some of Angela's family and friends.

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