Saturday, August 8, 2009

30 July 2009, Thursday

Got up today and went to the local brewery (Downtown Brewing) in P Robles to check it out....pretty safe/mellow selection, but there were some standouts in the Blueberry Beer (yea, sounds weird but it was good - not too fruity, more spicy) and the Reggae Red (guess what Peter ordered...).

Then back to the coast to Morro Bay - I have been to Nor Cal and LOVED it and to Bodega Bay, which is much smaller than Morro, but Morro is still a REALLY cool little town. The weather was immediately different (not 90 degrees!) - super cloudy and cool...we had to put sweatshirts on! We parked to take a walk out to the big rock, got out of the car, and immediately saw Sea Otters! I have never seen them outside of an aquarium or zoo, so I was pretty excited. They were munching on something that was pretty loud and kept pulling the kelp over themselves, I'm guessing to help them stay put. cute...

The town was awesome and laidback (during the week, at least) with little docks, fishing boats, and we got some super good seafood for dinner.

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