Thursday, July 23, 2009


I am trying to decide on a domain name for my art website.

I am deciding between OR

That's ALL that's available....which do you like? Comment please!

Monday, July 20, 2009

20 July 2009, Monday

Just realllly needed something fun to draw today. ;)

19 July 2009, Sunday

I did the unthinkable - went all the way to Imperial Beach on a WEEKEND in the middle of JULY - for an event. Yup. The sandcastle building thingie - I think all of San Diego was there. I remember going years ago, and I pulled up, parked right by the beach, and strolled around looking at these great sculptures.

it was a little different this time, let's just put it that way!

On the bright side (not to be all negative!) I got to hang out with my oldest friend from college, her boyfriend and daughter, Stella. Stella caught a crab and they (well, Dustan and Greg) dug some serious holes for the crab's new 'home'.

unfinished drawing of Stell in the hole with Greg still digging. Not sure where the crab is......

18 July 2009, Saturday

I'm trying really hard to keep up with this technology stuff - very proud of me for this blog! AND I'm working on my art website. BUT, man oh man, the peer pressure to get a Facebook - I am literally the only one of my friends who doesn't have one. Shall i jump in the boat too.....?

My friend Nena has GREAT uses for all of her multiple sites and has actually gotten me pretty excited about it all, but i still feel like I wouldn't be able to stay on top of it all.

Argh - too many things to keep up with. And yes, that is my head exploding

17 July 2009, Friday

Today is my little sis' birthday! Happy 30th AJ!!

Angela and I spent a little time at the beach are some sketches before the sun got to us too bad and we had to head out. Scorcher!

Later, Julie and I went to the local bars - it's been WAY too long since I've been out like that! It was a fun night - I ran into my 1st ever student in a bar who was OF AGE to be in there! Crazy! He was a cool kid though, it just weirded me out at first! Then, I saw a friend (the bouncer at Beach Side, Al) who I haven't seen in over 7-8 years. THEN, I ran into a friend from college who I haven't seen since LAST summer! GREAT night.......

16 July 2009, Thursday

My, how this week has flown by. I went into school yesterday to borrow a throwing wheel, and saw Julie teaching summer school. Then Angela called to tell me about AP scores and it all got me into a bit of a bad mood. Just BEING at school for 15 minutes and talking about school-related things set me off a bit - I guess the REAL challenge of what I'm working on now it to be ok with school and my place in/with it....and to NOT let it affect me! THEN I will be in a better place since I will be content with my choices and able to enjoy the moment I am in instead of freaking out about things that are far far away still....

Anyways...didn't do a drawing today. (above is my excuse) :)

15 July 2009, Wednesday

Today is my mom's birthday - Happy 60th Mom!!!!!

I had lunch with my friend Justin today and my fortune cookie was veeeery interesting. The scan came out kinda bad on this one though....

Also got to see the new Harry Potter. Not as great as the others, but then i remember this book being a little slow. The end was great though.

14 July 2009, Tuesday

S J Capistrano is a very small, quiet town and there's not a whole lot going on, even less than I expected. BUT it IS a great place to relax, have some good food, chill by the pool, and check out the WONDERFUL Mission.

The Mission is huge! There are flowers blooming everywhere, lots of neat historic things to see, and butterflies, birds, and bugs everywhere. No swallows though.

I did a fast sketch and took some pictures.

13 July 2009, Monday

We decided to take a mini-vacation right in our own area....took the train up to San Juan Capistrano and stayed overnight.

I felt like a little kid on the train - I haven't taken an extended train ride in a while, and yes, this was still a pretty short one, but the train goes RIGHT on the beach for a good portion of the trip and it's really pretty.

12 July 2009, Sunday

No drawing today, BUT we did spend about 5 hours tearing through the garage, cleaning, rearranging and making space for ME TO DRAW! BIG, that is....

So I found this roll of vinyl flooring and the back of it is totally smooth, so we cleared stuff out, hung it on the wall (it blends in, it's gray) and got all of my art stuff out and accessible. The most recent drawing I've been working on is hung up already and just waiting for me.

11 July 2009, Saturday

it is HOT - 'nuff said.............

10 July 2009, Friday

Peter and I went to the beach today. I had a very interesting experience that helped me to deal with something that I've been holding in for the past few years, not to be cryptic or anything. It was a huge relief, and gave me that 'weight off of the shoulders' feeling. Translated into drawing, I guess it felt like letting something go.........