Saturday, September 25, 2010

Art Listings/Events!

Sat., Sept. 25 (TONITE) 7 - 9:30pm - "
Mind, Body, Soul & Amorous Synergy: New Works by E. Manansala and Velvet De Oro - Thumbprint Gallery

Friday, Oct.1 - Khalid Alkaaby - Iraqi Impressionist showing at Alexander Salazar Fine Art, downtown

Sat., Oct. 9 - Niji Yakuza + Aboretum at Project X: Art, Solana Beach

Sat., Oct. 9 - "Magnetism - The Power of Attraction" The Art of Mr. Maxx Moses/Pose 2 and Isaias Crow/Crol at Thumbprint Gallery

Sat., Oct. 9 - "Under the Influence": The Art of Scott Rohlfs at Distinction Gallery, Escondido - art, live music, and Stone beer

Already opened BUT go see: Sept 10 - Oct 10: "Damages" by N.C. Winters - Subtext Gallery

Fri., Oct. 29 - Dia De Tues Muertos Group Show: at Subtext Gallery

The Uptown Social Club: Sundays at A/C Lounge, 8 pm - 12:30 -"Creative Exploration through Live Painting and Dee-Jaying"

Basic Tuesdays: at Basic Urban Kitchen and Bar, Oct. 12/26 7 pm - 12 - "art & Music"

On-going Shows
MCASD - July 18 - Jan 2: Graffiti/Street artists; work also on display throughout SD's streets - 3rd Thursdays are free from
5-7 pm

Monday, September 20, 2010

My "Aha!" moment...

All you ex-students of mine are going to love this...

This is what my teacher said to me after she looked at my way-detailed drawing that I had already spent 12 hours on and only had about 1/8 of it done, and it's due Thursday (as in 2 days!)...

"Rachel, make sure you adjust your technique and process to the specific assignment AND to how much time you are given to get it done in...don't do crazy detail if you don't have time to get it done!"

I looked at her, literally smacked my forehead, and recounted the gazillion times I have said those EXACT words to my AP art's funny how something I KNOW and is ingrained in me, I didn't do!!!! I laughed.....had to.