Monday, October 4, 2010

Exciting News

This month, I am going to be featured in's art-related October issue! One of my art pieces is on the front/home page! I wrote a short essay for them on being a 'working' artist and going back to graduate school. Another good friend of mine, Gavin Conner, and his music will be featured on Oct.4 on the site.

What is this website?? In their words:

"The Generationalists review the times through a lens of the bigger questions and implications we see. We share stories on what matters to our daily lives, including our comedy routines and observations from classrooms, boardrooms, supermarkets, day cares, the World Wide Web, traffic, farms, road trips, unemployment lines, and our developing or questioning of motives and thoughts. This space is best defined as an online journal and community for our times and our lens - proof that we can keep ourselves Tweet and Facebook free and still form full sentences and paragraphs. Maybe share a nugget or two of useful truth we find in this world."

Please go check out the article and website!