Wednesday, February 1, 2012

1st Thesis Piece - DONE!

Here is a little sneak peek of the first piece in my thesis series. It's comprised of two panels and completely done in charcoal. Each panel is approx 3 ft x 4 ft. Yay!

On to the next one....I am mounting paper on panels as you read...get ready for some BIG ones!

Also, I just got a new roll of paper - sooooo pretty! Paint smaint - who wouldn't want to draw on this!?! :)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Mock-ups for 1st thesis piece

I'm FINALLY starting on the first piece of my thesis body of art. Here are some mock-ups. The first two are the two panels of the diptych, which will be side by side. The last one is just playing around with a new type of paper, seeing if I like the grain/how it handles charcoal and ink, etc. MUCH looser than I usually work, and I must say, I like it! I think ink may be part of these new pieces.

Stay tuned for more!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

First finished pieces of the semester....

Hi all!

So, here are the two pieces I posted previously.....done! They were for the Mythology/Narrative class that I have with artist F. Scott Hess. The first one is from the model pose we had in class. I think I explained this before, but I ended up drawing the female model over and over, and really liked it. I just wasn't sure what to do with the empty space. Then I had an epiphany - mirrors! Or darkened windows...same thing :) It reflects the figure, making the identity and reality of the figures (who is who, which is real and which is a reflection) even more confusing, which I also really liked. I'm also proud of myself - this is CHARCOAL (not pencil!!) and has more value range than anything I've done in a whiilllle. Go me! haha!

The second one is my dearest - as done as it can get for now. I may still work on it more in a while, but it needs to go out of my head for the time being. I have some serious thesis work to get to! I darkened him up a LOOOT (with charcoal and conte) and like the diagonal composition...but it still feels like it's missing a little sumpin sumpin.

Ok - on to the thesis pieces. The 3rd image is a fast sketch of the 1st thesis piece that I am going to be working on. I'll elaborate on the idea more's about visual identity - what we convey about ourselves to others vs. what they perceive about us - all based on outer appearances. I"m liking the symmetry and how each image reflects the other. And it looks like a Rorschach inkblot test - another way of learning about your personality.

More to come.....


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Class Pieces

I'm taking a great class with artist F. Scott Hess on using Mythology in your art - here are the 2 pieces that I am working on for class. The first one is our in-class piece; we had two models, a girl and a guy, and for some reason I was drawn to repeating the female model, twisting her pose around, and doing more of an exploration of her figure- kind of like a multi-faceted portrait. Still needs work - I am SO on the fence as to what to do in the surrounding space. Today, I am debating on adding mirrors around her that reflect her even more.

The second one is the homework piece, where we were supposed to be inspired by a myth or legend. Since I'm working with identity and showing the 'different sides' of our personas in my thesis pieces, I thought I'd continue with that theme but explore it in a bit of a different way. Here, I've drawn Peter (wow, for the 1st time! crazy!) as Janus, the Roman God of new beginnings and transitions (it just seemed appropriate for some reason!). He is a two headed/faced god, with one face looking to the past and one looking to the future. Again, the background is giving me an issue, but I like of am just liking the gradient/transition. I'm not sold on his "pointing to the future" pose, tho....hmmm.......


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Mentor...New Stuff

Hey all, so I've been working on my thesis idea and on trying to not be so "in-your-face" with it and how to leave more to the imagination - more ways for the viewer to walk up to the art and bring their own ideas to it.

I'm working with Joe Gerges now ( and he is really pushing me in some great directions - not only breaking out of my "I like to draw in pencil" phase, but pushing me into some new materials, techniques and ways of thinking.

Here is the start of sketches that will develop into drawings in the next few weeks. Stay tuned...


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Who told me I need to draw ugly things???

Summer happenings....

It's been a LONG while since I've been on here and posted anything. Lots has gone on - a wonderful trip to Northern Cal that helped begin the healing of my back (again, sheesh!), some fun outings with friends, the wedding of a GREAT friend (gorgeous bride Julie Rais!), some sun and beachiness, and my 1st ever true gallery art show!

The Sylvia White show went so's still up for the rest of the month, and I'm really hoping to sell something (a girl's gotta pay the rent, you know). Two pieces got accepted into that can see them all on my website ( If you go to the Portfolio section, you can see all the work I did this last semester of grad school, including the rest of the pieces from the last post on here (the triptych). The 2 pieces that got into the show are Don't Look At Me and Stage 1 of the Creation/Destruction triptych. :) Yaaaaay!

As for NEW stuff??? I've been asked to be a bit more experimental and to let the DRAWING PROCESS show more in what I do - to not be SO meticulous and to let spontaneity rule a little more. So - I thought of something that is related to my main thesis interests (body image and how it affects us, roughly) and went with it - these are all images of women post-plastic surgery. I drew in NON-erasable materials (crazy, i know!), spray painted over things, drew them back in, ripped parts out, drew back in, etc.....basically any time I felt myself getting comfortable or liking something, I drew over it or got rid of it. What, who is this person? It's not the Rachel I know, haha! The point is to let the drawing process reiterate and support the subject matter. (for example, these are all women post-plastic surgery, so I was aggressive with the paper - ripped it up, erased, cut into it - just like the surgery is to these women.

The first 2 pieces are done on Duralar, which is this transparent but frosted looking plastic paper-like drawing surface. It lets you do LOTS of fidgeting and will NOT rip or tear or anything. I spent two days on each of these, working simultaneously on both, a little here, a little there. The other two are on doubled up paper (just 2 sheets glued together).....each one was done in under 3 hours.

I like the 1st and 3rd ones the best. WHAT DO YOU THINK?????? PLEASE comment!!!!!!

THANKS SO MUCH! xoxoxoxo

Monday, April 25, 2011

First one...

Here is the 1st piece done in a series of three that I am working on (a triptych)...oddly enough, I finished the last one first. Hmm.....

The concept is that of 'redrawing' yourself, or creating your ideal persona/body/etc....her arm is unfinished on purpose...she's still drawing it, persay.

Will go more in depth when I post all 3 of them together....

Pretty stoked on this drawing though - I used a MUCH better camera to take the model pics, and thus I had a LOT more information to work off of. I could see a lot more subtle changes in value, more detail, you name it. I think this is the best (technical) drawing I've done in a while....proportion-wise, value,, holy crap, I've always sucked at drawing hands and...whattdya think?!!! I'm thinking the hand turned out darned good!! Composition is bugging me a little (a lot of empty space on the right), but hey - pretty excited!!

Friday, April 22, 2011


Only 2 more weeks of my 1st year of grad school left!!! WHAT??!!

Time to regroup, work my butt off...I have a BIG review coming up in a week and a half in front of a panel of professors. It's been challenging this last month to get work done (dumb back) so I need to prove that I have stuff goin' on, haha!

I hope to post some new work in the next's coming, I swear!


Sunday, March 6, 2011

L.A. Listings

Here's some more for you to go see!
** With some NEW additions as of 3/7 **

La Luz de Jesus - Hollywood Blvd
Everything but the Kitsch 'N Sync' 14th Annual Juried Group Exhibition
Showing March 4 - 28

Robert Berman Gallery C2 - Santa Monica
Revolutions: The Album Cover Art of Shephard Fairey
Opening March 12 8 - 11 pm
Showing Mar 12 - April 23

Thinkspace Gallery
- Culver City
Torn and Tattered: feat. Craig "Skibs" Barker, Liz Brizzi and Derek Gores
Place to Place: feat. Reuben Rude
Opening March 12 6 - 8 pm
Showing Mar. 12 - Mar. 26

Corey Helford Gallery -
Culver City
Henry Lewis (paintings) and Adam Wallacavage (chandeliers)
Opening Sat. March 19

LA Louvre Gallery
Venice Beach
Romancing the Apocalypse: Rebecca Campbell
Opening Thurs. March 10 6 - 8 pm
Showing Mar 10 - April 16

COPRO Gallery -
Santa Monica
Dystopia: Group Exhibition
Opening Mar. 19 8 - 11:30 pm
Showing Mar. 19 - April 9

William Griffin Gallery -
Santa Monica
Filmmaker David Lynch: New Painting and Sculpture
Opening March 19 6 - 8 pm
Showing Mar 19 - May 28

The Brewery Artwalk - The World's Largest Artists' Complex
April 16 & 17 11 am - 6 pm

The Hive Gallery -
Alice in Wonderland: Group Show
Showing Mar. 5 - 26

Grand Central Art Center -
Santa Ana
Suggestivism: Group Exhibition ** Audrey Kawasaki, Mars-1, Tara McPherson, to name a few!!
Showing Feb. 5 - April 17

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Art Openings...looong overdue

Hi all,

I haven't made time to do this lately, so thought that now that I'm sitting with a bum back I'd use the time wisely :) Here's some stuff to go see in SD - L.A. will follow soon (I have to do more research)

Project X Gallery - Solana Beach
Right now, the gallery owner has his stuff up and it's good! Plus, some neat wall-mounted glass sculpture.
Migration (Where To Next?) C. Martino + Lea de Wit
Jan. 22 - Mar. 18
Ocean Size: C.Martino + John Culqui; Opening Sat. Mar, 26 6 - 10 pm

Thumbprint Gallery - Univ. Ave.
Provoke/Evoke : Group show with Scarecrowoven, Steven Suiter, Jack Stricker, Eric Wixon, Kevin Peterson, E. Vil, and Keemo
Opening TOMORROW, Fri. Mar. 4 7:30 pm - 12
Runs Mar. 4 - April 4
Bits N Pieces, Artistic Eye Candy: A Bite Sized Art Show
Group show: March 8, 7 pm - 12 at Bar Basic - 410 tenth ave downtown

Alexander Salazar Gallery - Broadway Ave., Downtown
Alison Rash: Opening SATURDAY, Mar. 5 6 - 9 pm (examples of her art)

Subtext Gallery - Kettner Blvd.
Primavera : New works by Martin Hsu and Andrew Brandou
Opening TOMORROW, Fri. Mar. 4 6 - 10 pm
Runs Mar. 4 - April 3
New Works by Mark Murphy
Opens Friday, April 15, 6- 10 pm
Runs April 15 - May 15

Distinction Gallery - Escondido *** GREAT PLACE!
The Pillars of the Earth: A Tribute to the Masters : Group show
Opening Sat. Mar. 12 6 - 10 pm
Runs Mar. 12 - April 2