Saturday, October 16, 2010

New class project

Here is the new Pictorial Space class project - bird's eye view this time.

I was proud of a LOT more done in the first class period this time! Now I'm just refining as I go - I need to create some more space though. All the shadows are the same and it needs to go back into space more - I am going to lighten up the darks in her leg area more I think.

pics 1 & 2 - day 1 - check out my cross contours all you Conservatory-ers who had my class! :)
pic 3 - 2 class periods on it. Teacher made me add the shoe...I guess it balances out the composition a bit more.
pic 4 - 3 class periods on it (just need to finish the mirror and work on some depth)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

gone too long

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted anything...I have NO idea where the time went. It flies.'s MIDTERMS???? What? are some experiments I did with plexiglass.

* The first one is an oil stick drawing in plexi
* 2nd - a color drawing underlay - with plexi on top (looks a little too comic booky to me)
* 3rd - a tonal drawing on brown paper with plexi over it (with minimal oil stick - just to lay in the dark tones for the drawing)

What do you think? My mentor said that I need to concentrate more on making a solid drawing and not playing around with the materials and surface as much. But I like where this is going.....I just need to really refine.

Off to LA...will post my new drawings for that class tomorrow. xo