Saturday, August 8, 2009

29 July 2009, Wednesday

This morning we got up and decided to head north to Paso Robles....we heard it was great for nice red wines and thought it would be fun to add wine tasting to the brewery tour! Another short drive (nice, since I was never sitting in the car for very long, so the back was alright!) and we started passing vineyard after vineyard....and we weren't even to town yet! I ended up recognizing one of the names from good ol' Trader Joes and so we stopped and learned we were in the perfect area we wanted to be in! So we hit a few places, one in particular that was SUPER fun - Castoro.

Then we headed into town, which is really little and cute, like Sonoma, but without the TONS of people. It was nice to taste wine and not have to wait in line! First stop was at the Firestone Brewery....lots of really strong, hoppy beers. Not my favorite...just not as flavorful as Stone.

Then we stopped to eat lunch and were getting something out of the back of the truck, and opened the gate without thinking.....the big box of wines came crashing out and 3 of the 5 in there broke all over the pavement (and they were all my favorites from Castoro too). I was bummed. So Peter put us back in the car and we went back there to go more....luckily, the lady that had helped us was REALLY cool and gave us 50% off. WHew!

We stayed at this Mineral Spa Hotel, and the room was rad, and weirdly the cheapest in town....we had a fireplace and a balcony with a jacuzzi tub on it that the spring waters came up to! It was on the balcony so that they sulfur smelling water didn't stink up the room.....yum. So Peter and I mainly hung out there, aside from getting some yummy Thai takeout.

Busy day, lots of alcohol, no drawing. :(

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