Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pretty final version...

Here is the nearly-done version of my earlier posted worm's-eye-view Pictorial Space drawing...(if you click on it, it enlarge and you can see it better!)...it needs some final darkening in places and it's a little too uniform over the entire surface, but I'm pretty happy with it. [Ugh..I hate looking at things after you 'finish' them...her head looks WAY big now.]

New drawing starting on Thurs...bird's-eye-view!!!

"40 new emails???? Oh wait...they're all from me..."

It's only been one month in grad school, things haven't even started getting busy yet, and I'm struggling to keep myself organized. I got to see my girlfriends this weekend and my friend Julie Rais laughed out loud when I told her how I was keeping myself 'organized'...I just keep emailing myself from my phone so that whenever I think of ANYthing, I know that I will see it again as a reminder in my inbox! Crazy, I know. I have a planner, but rarely look at it. I just saw Julie's own blog post (click here to read) about 'finding balance' - something we all strive to do - and totally identified, although she looks like she is keeping track of things much better than I am!

Stay tuned....I will be posting the pretty-much-finished-version of the interior space project tonite/tomorrow! xoxo