Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Class Pieces

I'm taking a great class with artist F. Scott Hess on using Mythology in your art - here are the 2 pieces that I am working on for class. The first one is our in-class piece; we had two models, a girl and a guy, and for some reason I was drawn to repeating the female model, twisting her pose around, and doing more of an exploration of her figure- kind of like a multi-faceted portrait. Still needs work - I am SO on the fence as to what to do in the surrounding space. Today, I am debating on adding mirrors around her that reflect her even more.

The second one is the homework piece, where we were supposed to be inspired by a myth or legend. Since I'm working with identity and showing the 'different sides' of our personas in my thesis pieces, I thought I'd continue with that theme but explore it in a bit of a different way. Here, I've drawn Peter (wow, for the 1st time! crazy!) as Janus, the Roman God of new beginnings and transitions (it just seemed appropriate for some reason!). He is a two headed/faced god, with one face looking to the past and one looking to the future. Again, the background is giving me an issue, but I like of am just liking the gradient/transition. I'm not sold on his "pointing to the future" pose, tho....hmmm.......