Sunday, August 30, 2009

Professional Website is LIVE!

I have finally gotten my professional art website up and running. It is NOT in it's final form - I am constantly reworking it and adding...for example, there is no image on the homepage yet. Peter got a new computer and we haven't hooked everything up/gotten all of the programs running yet. I need to get on Photoshop and work with a few things.

So please go explore, email me with comments and suggestions OR leave a comment in my guestbook!

End of August

School is starting soon! I have been spending a bit of time on the wheel, making some ceramic pieces and getting ready for my new batch of kiddies. Planning is always time consuming, so no new drawings have been done.

The goal is that this blog turns into a place to see my work-in-progress and other things I'm working on....not sure there will be too many more drawings-a-day for the time being!

Thanks for following - come back soon!