Tuesday, June 30, 2009

30 June 2009, Tuesday

I got Peter to go on the Ferris Wheel with me....right at sunset when all of the lights were coming on. It was beautiful......

What happens when you shave animals....

Last day of June! Time flies when you're having fun! I was talking to Angela and Julie about their summers so far and we all have had people tell us how nice it must be to be teaches and have the whooooole summer to do NOTHING! It gets SO frustrating to hear that....they must not know we actually have already worked the hours that we have off for summer, or that we use the summer to do all of the things for OURSELVES that get put off over the school year, or that I have to work REALLY hard to actually just do NOTHING (thank you, Kathy Noel for that help!) or that sometime I just want to smile at them and say, "YES! It's wonderful! Sucks for you!" :)

Anyways...went to the fair today! As always we trek through the farm animals, and it was feeding time this year! Pigs fighting, goats humping, man was it exciting. And there were these poor, adorable animals (I don't know if they are alpacas or tiny llamas) but they had just gotten shaved and people just kept walking by and LAUGHING - they were the sorriest but cutest things...

29 June 2009, Monday

I met with my friend Angela today, who just got back from a trip to Italy and was inspired to go through my own sketchbooks from when I lived there.....I dig out some old wisps of ideas inspired by renaissance paintings and put my own twist on them.

28 June 2009, Sunday

I've been wanting to get another tattoo since I got my 1st one, but the question is always WHAT? (Where is a good one too!) It always cracked me up that an old student of mine (Miss Irin...) once said to me that when she visits me in 10 years she hopes to find me all tatt'ed up and making art still. So I've been thinking more and more about it, and am leaning towards possibly something written in a neat font, something dealing with LIGHT (since that's what most of my drawings have to do with) and something reminding me to look inwards. This image is just an idea....

Sunday Brunch at DISH

Sunday = BRUNCH! We were at this great spot in Hillcrest called DISH, and a pair of legs accompanied this woman into the bar.....yep, huh??? If you haven't been there, try it. $1 mimosas and some good food - plus a DJ; it's a party during the day!!!

27 June 2009, Saturday

Trying to stop making lists and feeling a need to accomplish things. I am trying to focus more INWARD, on myself and my needs - healing my back and balancing life better.

26 June 2009, Friday

Every once in awhile, school comes back to haunt me. I have been thinking about AP a lot lately and trying to stop myself....this represents the piles that we (teachers) deal with throughout the school year, and how it tends to trickle out into our summer between school years.

25 June 2009, Thursday

Michael Jackson died today. DIED. Crazy....

24 June 2009, Wednesday

North Korea is SCARY

23 June 2009, Tuesday

I am having a hard time loving all of God's creatures at the moment...a mole (or something big) is wreaking havoc in my garden. It's eaten the carrots, kohlrabi, radishes, the peas, half of the melon plants, and is heading for the tomatoes.....humane efforts to get rid of him have not worked so far.

22 June 2009, Monday

So, that John & Kate show is getting SO much publicity, as well as her hair. I am NOT a fan...saw someone at the beach with her hairdo today and I had to wonder WHY? They call it the 'reverse mullet'. Yikes

21 June 2009, Sunday

My boyfriend wants a tattoo, but isn't sure how he wants it to look. He knows he wants it to have something to do with the ocean, surfing, and fishing....here are some of my 1st attempts at a design for him. Any ideas???

20 June 2009, Saturday

Trying to make something more organic and with more form with line technique

19June 2009, Friday

At the beach before the weekend crowd sets in...gotta love the umbrella moms.

18 June 2009, Thursday

Playing around with the technique from yesterday...

17 June 2009, Wednesday

Back home...a little uninspired. This was ultimately inspired by art done by my Photoshop professor, Bekkah Walker.

16 June 2009, Tuesday

Dried water droplets on the car windshield were making shadows on my paper, so I went with it.....done in the car on the way home.

15 June 2009, Monday

Still in Vegas....

14 June 2009, Sunday

On our way to VEGAS! This was done in the car; lines aren't too straight. Inspired by the showgirls....

13 June 2009, Saturday