Monday, August 10, 2009

9 August 2009, Sunday

Wow - another packed day! Julie, her friend Kelly and I went up to Pasadena for the Rose Bowl Swap Meet up really early and made it there before the crowd. It was pretty cool - lots of different stuff for sale; some old, some new. We had a great time trying vintage stuff on, picking out old cowboy boots, and digging around for deals. HOT day though....the crowd DID show up, en force, in all of their L.A. regalia....some super fun people watching. We were told celebrities would be there, but everyone else looked like they THOUGHT they were a celebrity! fun......

Too tired though.....went to see a movie to chill out in some AC and to drawing time. :(

8 August 2009, Saturday

Peter left for Mex super early this morning; it was a hard time for me since he won't be around for almost 2 weeks, but at the same time, I think this time for myself is just what the doctor ordered. I will be more able to focus on what I need to do for me to get prepped for school starting - I need to keep working on getting myself into that 'good place' where school starting won't be a 'bother' but will just be worked into my routine of life and art.

Angela had her Belgium party tonite, and I always miss it since I'm usually in Mex with Peter, but I got to go this time! Fun! GOOOOOD food too....thanks Ang!

Also, Julie and I hit up a local art/shop opening in Cardiff - the Ando store - for half hour or so. It was a fun scene, nice ocean breeze, free beer, GREAT music by the Mattson 2 and Ray just felt like what a summer evening is supposed to!

Ray was GREAT on guitar, and just looked so darned happy while he was playing it....

7 August 2009, Friday

Last day before Peter leaves! We did lots of errands today - took us down to Rosecrantz and someone must've hit a fire hydrant....there was the BIGGEST geyser of water I have ever seen stopping traffic and flooding some poor businesses. It was pretty cool though to see the power of water, and how much pressure was behind that one fire hydrant.

Trying to capture cascading water is pretty hard