Saturday, August 8, 2009

28 July 2009, Tuesday

We ended up in Ventura last night, taking the coast as far as we could (it took a while!). There was a brewery there that we wanted to check out (Anacapa Brewery) - good beer! As much as I NEVER have ordered an IPA in my life, I ended up loving their DOUBLE IPA..weird.

Today we checked out downtown Ventura, and then headed up north SLO. Didn't feel like dealing with town at the moment, so we went north to this little campground just off the road. It was nice and quiet, and I haven't camped in over a year (due to the good ol' back), so I was REALLY wanting to. We brought the tent and camping box AIR MATTRESS! I love that thing!!! It was so fun, and I was so comfortable and all went well - I honestly think I felt BETTER as we went along throughout the trip!

Some great wildlife - there were these super bright blur birds there, some type of jay that hung out by camp and ate our leftovers. I have never drawn a bird before....

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