Friday, September 17, 2010

Class Update

Figuration, Representation, and Modernism :
This class is um...confusing me. I just read an entire article on 'the body' (which makes sense give the title of the class) but it was about disease in the 18th and 19th century, and how doctor's never looked at symptoms as ways to tell what is wrong with a living person...they just dissected once someone died to figure out what was wrong with them. And HOW does this apply to art/art theory/art history - especially the idea of 'the body'????????????????????????? You see my dilemma...and I have to give a presentation on it on Thursday!

Studio - Pictorial Space:
Week 2 working on a worm's eye view of a girl standing on stairs. We did a neat process for composing which included using plexiglass to literally trace the composed view (requires a very stable arm to hold the plexi in the air) and then transferring this traced view from plexi onto tracing paper....

Pictures are above:
The view
My three planning sketches
Chosen composition
Beginning (VERY beginning stages) drawing

New MFA studio!!

There's not a whole lot IN my studio, but that will change soon :)