Tuesday, July 7, 2009

7 July 2009, Tuesday

** I CANNOT figure out why this loaded up as ORANGE! It's a great blue....sigh...I do not get computers.**

I know these are not 'drawings' persay, but I have been working really hard to learn Photoshop so I can help out family/friends with logos and designs, esp Peter with his new businesses. So I count them in as my drawings....

This one is a full page (8x10) ad for Peter's SDFA (San Diego Fishing Adventures) fishing charter business. He is going to post it in local tackle shops.

Check out the website - you're bound to see pics of someone you know! I recommend you check out the Fish Reports/Videos section.....some cool footage there!


6 July 2009, Monday

I worked on the logo for a new part of my sister's restaurant, A Toute Heure. She planted these great gardens (Jack's Run Garden) in her yard (named after her puppy, Jack) and is using them as a teaching place for children and to supply her restaurant with some great organic produce. If you haven't checked out her website, I highly recommend it. Unfortunately for us, she is in Jersey, but if you are every out there you HAVE to go and tell her hi and eat some of the yumminess. I recommend the mussels, anything with lardons (french for BIG chuncks of bacon- how could that NOT be good?), a bicherin (a drink with coffee and chocolate - sigh...), and well, anything the pastry chef William makes. Luv you AJ!


5 July 2009, Sunday

I had lunch with 4 beautiful people, some old students who graduated LAST year and are now feeling the satisfaction of finishing their 1st year of college. It was so great to listen to their stories and see them enjoying the present but so looking forward to their futures. I was proud....

My drawing symbolizes growth, of which as a teacher, I see so much. I think it's one of my favorite parts of the job.

4th of July!!!! Saturday

A VERY relaxing day at home - we all know to stay FAR from the beach on a day like this - but we did manage to escape out to the Brig with Julie and Grant. We got to see the Fair fireworks up close! Great night....and yes, the drawing looks a bit like dahlias...still getting down the technique of how to draw exploding pyrotechnics.

3 July 2009, Friday

As I said below, FUN day.....ending with a roundabout with the hookah (NO illegal substances were present, all of you snickering right now!). It was a warm night, there was great company, and it was a great way to kickoff the holiday weekend.

How much can 2 people drink? well....

What a fun day....Peter and I overindulged a bit today. Went out to Stone Brewery for the fm94.9 brewery fest at 9:30 am (yes, in the morning) and sampled some serious microbrews. THEN, we stopped in at San Marcos Brewery for some AC and peace and quiet (wow, was Stone busy). To end the day, some lovely ex-students (Molly and Brooke) came over for dinner and it was so great to see how happy they were post-graduation!

2 July 2009, Thursday

I am doing some personal training with a friend now (thanks Jess!) and today was the 2nd time we met. My chiropractor was SUPER excited about this new development, esp that I took it upon myself to go to this next level to strengthen up more, and Jess has really started to push me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE feeling sore in my muscles and knowing that I worked hard, and yet........not having PAIN IN MY BACK!! This has been a HUGE thing, and I don't know if I adequately shared how happy I was about this, esp with Jess. She took on a big responsibility of helping me, since at any moment there could be a back issue again, and I thank her for her willingness!

I feel like my spine is putting some trust in me to heal it, and I feel so much stronger.

1st Day of July! Wednesday

Today is the first day of July, a month in which I do not have to do ONE THING for school! I am not on campus at ALL! It's an interesting prospect - a month where every day can be dedicated to what I want to do - no planning or grading or anything.

I am feeling very OPEN - and feeling like doors are opening left and right for me in so many ways. I feel very thankful and grateful, and in debt to so many people in my life who now know me as a very different person than I was at the close of the school year.....a special man who has stood next to me through everything, a new friend who undertook physical and mental healing with me, colleagues and friends who supported, laughed and cried with me, and numerous other friends and family members who understood and loved. I have SO much to look forward to and to be excited about, I AM ENJOYING THE PRESENT, and know that there is still much work to be done.