Thursday, January 13, 2011

Out of my comfort zone

This is one of the pieces that I did for a class this past semester; we went in search of an area of south central LA (!!) that would make a good panorama..and had to incorporate a miniumum of 2 photos together to make the picture. This one is 2 separate pieces of paper put together.

Mine was in back of this Mexican section of town where they had all these pinatas up - this is the parking lot behind one of the buildings. There was a super cool old Caddy parked there, with lots of other cars, but I just really liked that Caddy. I ignored everything else when drawing's totally out of the norm for me - there are no figures! BUT the car stands in, at least for me, as the 'character' or figure. I think of old Clint Eastwood Dirty Harry movies when I look at this now!

Sorry, the color/contrast on this pic isn't so great....

Monday, January 10, 2011

New year..and one semester done!

I was stressing a lot that I hadn't accomplished that much this 1st semester of grad school, and at my final critique for the semester I totally surprised myself. I hung everything that I had created (that is taking a more finished form; there were plenty of experiments that are still tucked away) on the wall and stood back - it was more art than I have made in 10 years!! And I did it all in 3 MONTHS!!

So, I decided to use the end of the year to take inventory of all I DID do - I met some really amazing people in my new program, I have a lot more knowledge of the 'how's' associated with making panels due to weeks of experimenting with it :) , I got to see some incredible art and go to more art shows and galleries than I have in a looooong time, I made some art that I am really proud of and am finding my way into a final body of work (not totally there yet, but almost!), and I have taken some big life steps that I am scared of but still moving forward with.

Working as a waitress has been hard - but it's necessary to get to do the other funner (word?) stuff. I still get to see my ladies from CCA, and the kids/students that helped inspire me to even go to school in the 1st place, which has kept me feeling SO supported and happy. I have an amazing fiance who holds down the homefront and makes me feel loved like I never have before, and some friends who have been super helpful and supportive in this 'art process'. Who could ask for more?

I plan on trying to keep up with communications and friendships a bit better this year, work on some new collaborations and ideas, MAKE MORE ART, not be so hard on myself, and get as much out of all of this as I humanly, physically and emotionally can.

SO, thanks to you all out there whom I love, and please keep coming back... I will do better putting things on here, promise! haha!

Here's a pic of my final critique with everything hanging - not all of it is 100% done, but it'll get there!

Happy New Year!!!!