Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Naked is the New Black

I was lucky enough to be a part of the Katharine Story Boutique's Annual Erotica Show that coincided with Laguna Beach's monthly Art Walk....and wow, was it quite the event. Here is a link to Katharine's Facebook page....

There were scantily clad VERY young men in the Calvins shimmying around to DJ music, cookies shaped like girlie and boy parts, plenty of free condoms, and (I hear) strippers at some point. We were out at other galleries, so I guess we missed that part (!). piece "Lola" was part of a select group of artists on display in the store, and it was FUN...some good friends and, as always, my lovah Peter, the awesome supporter that he is, came up to see me from SD, and I got to hang out with my MCAD MFA friends too! Here are some cell phone pics..sorry about the quality! And the 1st pic is thru the storefront window when it was closed...that's why it looks so empty!


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