Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 2 Orientation

Whew, what a day! We all met up and went to LA to see Lola del Fresno's show at Launch LA (, which is right across the street from LACMA. Lola's show was great!!! So much texture and experimentation with materials, plus, she has a really unique way of mounting paper onto canvas.....I think I am going to learn a lot from her!

After that, we all met up in the LA classroom space to meet all of the faculty and other mentors. They set up a little reception for us, so we all got to mingle and talk. It was was really cool getting to meet the 'older' grad students..the ones who have already been in the program for a year or so. They gave us hints about classes, instructors, how to keep your sanity, etc :) I also got to briefly reconnect with Elizabeth Washburn (, who I have worked with in conjunction at CCA and who will be a grad student at LCAD too!!! Very good to see her...and there are lots of other cool people in the program. Three other teachers (!) and some very creative, inspiring artists.

It was great day....I am SO looking forward to getting started. I moved some stuff into my studio up there, to get to some drawing!

Here are my classes:
Monday nite - Thesis writing class
Tuesday nite - Figuration in Modernism (art history class)
Wednesday nite - group critique
Thurs nite - Pictorial Space studio class (in LA)
all days - work in studio

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