Thursday, August 26, 2010

Day 1 Orientation

I've got one day under my belt! Not class, but I got to meet mostly everyone in the program.....seems like a pretty cool bunch of people!

We talked about what the Thesis Writing class was going to be like (a 15 page paper in 2, tried to find me a ride (to no avail) to my Thurs nite class in L.A. (poooooo) and I met a lady whose job it is to find US job opportunities, projects, gallery representation and the like - amazing! I think I am going to be knocking on her door quite often! Also, the school library is like the art section of Barnes & Noble multiplied by like 15 - my new home, me thinks! ;)

I got my studio...a nice little place - we were joking though, it looks like there are bullet holes in the window - yikes. It IS Laguna Beach though, I think I'm safe. Anyways....time to go move into my studio, get set up and settled...

Today we are going to see my mentor's (Lola del Fresno) exhibit up in L.A. and do some other MFA orientation thingies.... on to Day 2!

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  1. Hey woman... It's Angie from class. I looked u up! I have a bullet hole in the window of my loft about 13 feet up. Try living in East LA! See you soon!
    ~Stix and Jones