Saturday, August 21, 2010

My new mentor....

I just confirmed my new mentor at LCAD (Laguna College of Art + Design)....Lola del Fresno. Yes, odd - anyone that has seen my large recent piece of art also titled "Lola"!! She is a brand new faculty member this year, lives in L.A. (just my luck) and I am enamored with her art. Lola also is having a gallery opening this Saturday up in L.A. at a place called LAUNCH LA, right across from LACMA.

I am going to get to meet her this coming week when we have our new-grad-student orientation, and I am super excited...about ALL of it, but especially being guided by such an inspiring lady! When I signed up for classes, the dean of the grad school recommended Lola to me, especially since I am the only MFA Drawing person (as of now) and her work is very much about mark making and figure, just like mine. As soon as I saw her pieces, I knew I could learn a LOT from her.

Please check out her site:

I cannot wait to get to school and get to making art!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. me likes!!! her work is really interesting and sort of spooky.