Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Mentor...New Stuff

Hey all, so I've been working on my thesis idea and on trying to not be so "in-your-face" with it and how to leave more to the imagination - more ways for the viewer to walk up to the art and bring their own ideas to it.

I'm working with Joe Gerges now (http://www.josephgerges.com/pages/pg_drawing/draw_current_06.shtml) and he is really pushing me in some great directions - not only breaking out of my "I like to draw in pencil" phase, but pushing me into some new materials, techniques and ways of thinking.

Here is the start of something...fast sketches that will develop into drawings in the next few weeks. Stay tuned...



  1. these are really cool. i dig it!!! always fun to try new approaches too I reckon...love how you see a different feature, with every squint of the eye and head tilt..very cool!

  2. Rach- love the looseness of these sketches...you've got skills chicka. Keep posting images...I really enjoy seeing your work.