Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A new week.....

Had a SUPER fun party for Peter and I's engagement this past weekend; it was so nice to have all the people I love surrounding me to celebrate!

So...my goal for this week is to research San Diego galleries, see which ones are being progressive and showing contemporary stuff, and to make a calendar with all of the opening dates of shows that I want to go to. I need to get out there...see what's going on...be part of the art world instead of closing myself up in it.

I've been working on the collaboration piece that I have going with Julie Rais, as well as an experimental piece - I have some photos that are, in essence, stop-motion of one of my models, and I'm going to try to capture each step of the 'pose' on a different piece of rice paper (REALLY thin) and then try to layer them all up so you can kinda see the 'motion' of the pose...we'll see how it goes. Will post photos soon....

Other than that, just getting a little nervous - I haven't heard anything from Laguna yet as to when I am allowed to move into my studio up there, when orientation is, etc.....trying to start prepping myself!

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