Tuesday, July 7, 2009

2 July 2009, Thursday

I am doing some personal training with a friend now (thanks Jess!) and today was the 2nd time we met. My chiropractor was SUPER excited about this new development, esp that I took it upon myself to go to this next level to strengthen up more, and Jess has really started to push me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE feeling sore in my muscles and knowing that I worked hard, and yet........not having PAIN IN MY BACK!! This has been a HUGE thing, and I don't know if I adequately shared how happy I was about this, esp with Jess. She took on a big responsibility of helping me, since at any moment there could be a back issue again, and I thank her for her willingness!

I feel like my spine is putting some trust in me to heal it, and I feel so much stronger.

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