Tuesday, September 28, 2010

"40 new emails???? Oh wait...they're all from me..."

It's only been one month in grad school, things haven't even started getting busy yet, and I'm struggling to keep myself organized. I got to see my girlfriends this weekend and my friend Julie Rais laughed out loud when I told her how I was keeping myself 'organized'...I just keep emailing myself from my phone so that whenever I think of ANYthing, I know that I will see it again as a reminder in my inbox! Crazy, I know. I have a planner, but rarely look at it. I just saw Julie's own blog post (click here to read) about 'finding balance' - something we all strive to do - and totally identified, although she looks like she is keeping track of things much better than I am!

Stay tuned....I will be posting the pretty-much-finished-version of the interior space project tonite/tomorrow! xoxo

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