Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What happens when you shave animals....

Last day of June! Time flies when you're having fun! I was talking to Angela and Julie about their summers so far and we all have had people tell us how nice it must be to be teaches and have the whooooole summer to do NOTHING! It gets SO frustrating to hear that....they must not know we actually have already worked the hours that we have off for summer, or that we use the summer to do all of the things for OURSELVES that get put off over the school year, or that I have to work REALLY hard to actually just do NOTHING (thank you, Kathy Noel for that help!) or that sometime I just want to smile at them and say, "YES! It's wonderful! Sucks for you!" :)

Anyways...went to the fair today! As always we trek through the farm animals, and it was feeding time this year! Pigs fighting, goats humping, man was it exciting. And there were these poor, adorable animals (I don't know if they are alpacas or tiny llamas) but they had just gotten shaved and people just kept walking by and LAUGHING - they were the sorriest but cutest things...

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  1. Hehe... I took the same picture of the shaved alpacas. They're so adorable.