Thursday, July 16, 2009

9 July 2009, Thursday

I spent today making some fun compilation photos in Photoshop for my pop to put up at my mom's party. He is going to have a slideshow of the 'many faces of Kathy' (my mom) and they are RAD pics...all from when she was my age up til now. Some of the pics had me and my sis in them when we were really little, so it was SUPER fun to see them. A lot of people have always said my mom and I look alike, but when Peter and I sat down to look through the pictures there were quite a few that we tripped out on with how much she looked like me! So I put a few back to back.....just for fun. What do YOU think?

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  1. Hoooly crap! Wow... you two do look the same. These are cute : )